Below are relevant documents available for download:

PARADISEC basic metadata import spreadsheet XLSX (74 KB)

PARADISEC Deposit Form (includes the statement of access conditions): RTF or PDF

PARADISEC Digital Standards RTF (44 KB) or PDF (74 KB)

PARADISEC Ingestion Workflow Model (formerly ‘Operations Manual’) PDF (122 KB)

PARADISEC Metadata Set RTF (278 KB)

PARADISEC promotional flyer PDF (2 Mb)

PARADISEC Information Leaflet in:

English PDF (114 KB)

French PDF (111 KB)

Simplified Chinese PDF (162 KB)

Bislama PDF (99 KB)

Tok Pisin PDF (99 KB)

Bahasa Indonesian PDF (165 KB)

Japanese PDF (248KB)


Archiving workflow PDF (6 MB) or DOCX (3 MB)

Data storage PDF (802 KB) or DOCX (748 KB)

Filenaming PDF (504 KB) or DOCX (211 KB)

Getting Started with PARADISEC PDF (419 KB) or DOCX (58 KB)

Metadata Instructions PDF (705 KB) or DOCX (349 KB)