Donating funds to PARADISEC

PARADISEC is seeking sponsorship to enable us to continue safeguarding endangered ethnographic recordings. While the repository that houses the data is secure, we are funded on a project basis and cannot fund tape digitisation, nor the necessary negotiation and travel to ensure that collections are located and transported to our digitisation suites. This means that the expertise developed within the project is at risk of being lost.

We are interested in hearing from any potential donor who would consider underwriting a project for a period of time to allow us to devote our efforts to preserving these unique records rather than spending much of our time writing funding applications or reports.

We hope to hear from donors who would be willing to underwrite PARADISEC’s activities as shown on the Paradisec Projects page. Acknowledgement of donors will be made in the catalog entry and in other mutually agreeable forms.

PARADISEC (Inc) is a deductible gift recipient*, which means that any donations over $2 can be claimed as a tax deduction. You will receive an automatic receipt from Paypal but please contact us if you need an additional receipt for tax purposes.

Thank you very much for your support of our work!

Donate here:


Please contact us if you would like to volunteer your time – whether a little or a lot – to assist with PARADISEC’s projects. Thank you!

Past volunteers and donors

PARADISEC has been fortunate to have a team of dedicated supporters. We acknowledge the following volunteers who have helped in various ways to improve our collections.

2014: Andrew Tanner (organising the Blench collection of Afroasiatic and Niger-Congo records)
2013: Rosey Billington, Lauren Gawne, Jill Vaughan, Aidan Wilson (PARADISEC conference volunteers)
2012: Béatrice Bijon, Colin La Flamme, Rachel Orzech
2009: Shoko Kubotera
2005-2008: Peter Newton (organising the collections of Arthur Capell)
2007: Ashisha Cunningham


We thank the following donors whose support has enabled further work on PARADISEC collections:

$2,000 and over
Merrin Mason

Under $500
Peri Stewart

Under $100
Jeremy Hammond