PARADISEC Activity Update – December 2023

Some highlights from the second half of 2023:

* We celebrated our 20th anniversary year with wonderful events at Verge Gallery (University of Sydney), in April, and then in November at University of Melbourne. For display at the parties, Julia Miller put together a great 10-minute showreel of video from the archive, it’s on Youtube here .

* After several sessions with the wonderful PNG Peroveta Singers of Canberra, Steven Gagau and Jodie Kell released two new episodes of the Toksave Podcast, available to listen here .

* We successfully switched our main storage over to S3, making considerable cost savings whilst maintaining our necessary high standard of data security. And also upgraded our catalog backend so it is now faster and more reliable.

* Call for papers is out for the next Language Documentation and Archiving Conference, in planning together with ELAR, and to be held 2-4 September 2024, more info

* And, of course, as it turns 20, the repository continues to grow. We currently hold 219 Terabytes of data, amongst 713 collections, growing at about 2 TB (2000 GB) a month since April.

Happy holidays to all, and we look forward to continuing in 2024!

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