The PARADISEC catalog contains detailed information about the data stored in the collection. This metadata includes a subset that conforms to the Open Languages Archives Community and Dublin Core Metadata sets (global standards in metadata terminology).

 The list below gives an indication of fields in the PARADISEC catalog. If any of the following categories applies to the whole collection, they need only be stated once since they apply globally. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are repeatable so that multiple responses can be given.

cassette length


Running time of the cassette

Country in which the recording was made

data type* Choose from one of the following:

lexicon / instrumental music / language description / primary text / song

date the last date on which the item was created (e.g. the last recording date). Use YYY-MM-DD format.
dialect Name of the dialect represented
item Name of the deposited item
language as in source Language name as used by the depositor
language code* ISO-639-3 language code
language standard* ISO-639-3 language name
language subject* The language that is the subject of the item
language content* The language used in the item
media Type of media (e.g. brand name, tape kind)
notes Narrative information about the content of the data
number of cassettes Which of the consortium universities does the material originate from
orthography Any notes about the orthography that are required to understand the metadata
priority Are there any parts of the data that should receive priority in the digitisation queue? This could be on the basis of particularly valuable performances or particularly poorly maintained tapes
region/ village Region or village where the recording was made

isCopyOf / isCopiedBy / requires / isRequiredBy / hasPart / isPartOf / hasVersion / isVersionOf / replaces / isReplacedBy / hasTranscript / transcribes

rights Access conditions specific to this item
Role * (please use one of the following identifiers for the role of participants and creators)

annotator / artist / author / compiler / consultant / data_inputter / depositor / developer / editor / illustrator / interviewer / participant / performer / photographer / recorder / researcher / respondent / speaker / signer / singer / sponsor / transcriber / translator

e.g.    depositor     Ngaria, Wayang
            speaker       Blog
rtor time Running time of reel to reel tapes
Track Stereo / mono
Transcript Is the tape transcribed and if so can you include a transcript?
video length Running time of video

Downloads available:
Metadata instructions (pdf or docx)

More information available in our ‘Technical Guides’ pages