File naming

In PARADISEC’s terms there are collections, items, and files. Items contain files and there can be no duplicate item names. We assign a name to the collection, usually the depositor’s initials and then a digit, e.g. ‘XP1’. It is in upper case, and case is important. Please be very careful not to mix upper and lowercase in names as it can cause problems finding files later. Related files can have the same name, for example an .eaf file would have the same name as the media item and both are stored inside an item.

e.g. The item EG1-Fred has the file ‘Fred20150108’ so its name then is EG1-Fred-Fred20150108.wav and its transcript is EG1-Fred-Fred20150108.eaf. The description is at the level of EG1-Fred. You don’t need to list filenames in the metadata, only item names. The files need to be named correctly so they are associated with the metadata when uploaded.


  • Each deposited item (e.g. each tape) should have a unique identifier.
  • Do not use delimiters (like hyphens or spaces) within a file name. Hyphens are reserved characters for our archiving purposes, so ideal names are strings of alphanumerics limited to fewer than 10 characters if possible (there is an absolute limit on item names of 30 characters). Long filenames may not survive transfer between different operating systems so please try to keep them as short as you can.
  • Names are case-sensitive, so it is preferable for names to all be uppercase, while extensions (e.g., .wav, .tif, .pdf) should be lowercase.

Downloads available:
Filenaming for PARADISEC (pdf or docx)