Access Conditions

Unless otherwise stated, the metadata in PARADISEC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The moral rights of the performers are asserted. Access to audio/visual data is subject to PARADISEC’s Conditions of Access (below).

Pacific And Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures


Conditions of Access

The following are general conditions for obtaining material from the Pacific And Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures  (hereinafter called PARADISEC). They assume that the depositor’s permission has been obtained for copying. Specific restrictions accompany each item in PARADISEC.

Except where otherwise indicated, the use of PARADISEC data is governed by the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 copyright license. This license precludes the use of the data in commercial products. Commercial enterprises that have been allowed access to password-protected data can use the data for the development of algorithms, such as for automatic speech recognition, but the data themselves cannot be included in models. In addition, users cannot upload PARADISEC data to web-based systems unless those systems include assurance that they will not keep the data. In particular, data can only be uploaded for processing by OpenAI, Rev-AI and similar systems if the upload is done through an API which explicitly allows for non-storage of data.*

This is now an online agreement that you can click before getting access to items in the collection via our catalog.

In consideration of PARADISEC agreeing to supply me with certain data in machine-readable form together with supporting documentation,  I hereby undertake: –

Purpose : To use the data for purposes of private scholarly research and/or for purposes of educational use, and not for profit (this shall not preclude the publication in a scholarly context of analyses or interpretations derived from the data, unless such publication is precluded by the conditions of deposit of the data in the PARADISEC).

Acknowledgement: To acknowledge in any work, published or unpublished, based in whole or in part on analyses of the data, both the original depositors of the data and PARADISEC (by use of the PARADISEC persistent identifier and citation form).

Copyright: Not to copy the data in whole or in part except insofar as this may be necessary for security purposes or for my own personal use. Not to distribute the data to third parties, nor to publish or reproduce it in any way. Copyright of all machine-readable data issued by PARADISEC is reserved.

Access: To give access to the data only to persons directly associated with me or working under my control and to require of such persons signed undertakings neither to use the data except in connection with my academic or educational purposes, nor to give access to the datas to others; these signed undertakings to be made available to PARADISEC on request.

Not to give  access to any third party if the conditions of deposit preclude this.

Errors: Not to hold PARADISEC liable for any errors of transcription or marking-up which may be found in the data, but to notify PARADISEC of such errors wherever possible.

Revisions: Where substantial revisions or reformatting of the data is permitted by the conditions of deposit and carried out as a part of my research, to inform PARADISEC, and also the original depositor if this is a condition of deposit, of the nature of such revisions and to deposit any such revised version at PARADISEC subject to the conditions of deposit of the original.

Charges: To pay such charges as PARADISEC may require to cover the cost of supplying the data (not applicable unless an invoice accompanies the data).

  • Thanks to Brian MacWhinney who developed this licence paragraph for the Talkbank site.