Book launch: Kaytetye Dictionary

At the Aboriginal Languages Workshop at North Stradbroke Island last month, as usual there were things to celebrate. I had the honour of helping launch the Kaytetye Dictionary*. Book launches are a lovely way of thinking about and celebrating people’s work and ideas. Here’s what I said, more or less. Things I love about this … Read more

New Guinea Between the Wars

Michael Waterhouse will be presenting a talk on New Guinea between the wars at the State Library of NSW on 21st March based on his recently published book “Not a Poor Man’s Field. The New Guinea Goldfields to 1942 – An Australian Colonial History”. It will be accompanied by a film taken by his grandfather … Read more

Scam alert or how to make a lot of money really quickly

Felicity Meakins writes… Just recently I was on Amazon, when I came across two potentially interesting books: Frederic P. Miller, Agnes F. Vandome and John McBrewster (eds) (2009), Mixed Language, Alphascript Frederic P. Miller, Agnes F. Vandome and John McBrewster (eds) (2010), Michif Language: Language, Métis people (Canada), First Nations, Fur trade, French Canadian, Mixed language, … Read more

A Warlpiri double launch

The annual meeting of Warlpiri-patu-kurlangu Jaru Inc. and its professional development workshop known as Warlpiri Triangle this year is being hosted by Yuendumu CEC, 16-19 May 2011.

This evening in the Yuendumu school library two resources were launched to a large gathering including senior Warlpiri women.

Yuendumu launch invitation

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LDD 9 available for pre-publication order

The ninth volume of Language Documentation and Description is now in production and can be pre-ordered for 20% off the regular price. LDD 9 is a collection of papers dealing with several topics in language documentation: language documentation and sustainability ontologies in language documentation negation, deixis and loan words in endangered languages book reviews The … Read more

FEL books available for online purchase

As a result of on-going collaboration between the Foundation for Endangered Languages and the Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project, all thirteen FEL books (proceedings of their unique annual conferences) can now be purchased securely by credit card through the SOAS online bookstore at (Scroll down past the LDD volumes for the FEL books.) To … Read more