New Guinea Between the Wars

Michael Waterhouse will be presenting a talk on New Guinea between the wars at the State Library of NSW on 21st March based on his recently published book “Not a Poor Man’s Field. The New Guinea Goldfields to 1942 – An Australian Colonial History”. It will be accompanied by a film taken by his grandfather and one of his associates in the 1930s which documents the gold dredging and associated aviation activities at a time when New Guinea led the world in commercial aviation. There is also some ethnographic footage including what is most likely the first film footage ever taken on the Sepik River. This short segment in particular is in excellent condition. There’s also a segment showing several kukukuku (Anga) who’ve been arrested early in 1931 for murdering a miner and some of his carriers.

Details are at

Michael will be repeating the talk and film the following night (22 March) at Dymocks in the city. Details are at [scroll down]

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