The NT Government gets animated

New animations with spoken audio in Anmatyerr (‘Anmatyere’), Kriol, Luritja, Warlpiri, and Yolŋu Matha were published on You Tube a couple of weeks ago. There are eight nicely done animations of a minute or two explaining aspects of the water supply in each of the five languages, all available through the NT Power and Water Corporation’s page ‘Use less’ campaign. (Thanks Carmel for the alert.)

There are no credits in the videos, or on the PowerWater web page that I could see, but I presume the translations were arranged through the NT Aboriginal Interpreter Service.

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  1. Claire says:

    The Yolngu videos are in Gumatj, for what it’s worth. Yolngu has about 5 mutually unintelligible varieties. It’s interesting that they aren’t in Dhuwal, which I think has more speakers.

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