Online interlinear text, and streaming media without Flash

Playing media on the web is nothing new. But playing the media that results from fieldwork, having transcripts highlighted to track timecodes in the video or audio, and having it all work without needing to install Flash or other streaming servers, this is new. So is having a path to upload from common fieldwork tools like Elan, Transcriber and Toolbox.

In a blog item here in 2007 I reported that our team had built EOPAS, but at that time the web was not yet ready. With the advent of HTML5 things have changed significantly. We rewrote EOPAS and now it is ready for you to view, to explore stories from a number of languages, or to download and install on your own server. EOPAS is described here, and the requirements for uploading your own material are described on that page. The source code, in case you want to install your own instance of EOPAS, is here.

The working version can be seen at, and details of the schemas used for each of the upload formats can be seen here.

Programming by Silvia Pfeiffer and John Ferlito. Funded by the Institute for a Broadband-Enabled Society (IBES)


  1. James McElvenny says:

    That is very cool. Will you be giving any live demonstrations of the system in the near future, at conferences, etc?

  2. Nick Thieberger says:

    Yes, I will give demos at any opportunity (I gave one at THATCamp last week), There are also two short videos outlining the function of the system here. I tried putting the video in the blog entry above, but clearly WordPress doesn’t (yet?) support HTML5 tags in its entries.

  3. Nick Thieberger says:

    Thanks to Tom Honeyman for pointing out that the HTML for the above video had a stray carriage return in it, which prevented the video from playing. It now plays fine in the entry above (in most browsers), click in the bottom left of the screen image to see the control panel.

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