Sustainable data from digital fieldwork: a preliminary program

The preliminary schedule for the conference “Sustainable data from digital fieldwork: from creation to archive and back” is now up. There looks to be some really interesting projects on display. I had a sneak peek at EOPAS, a project to create a workflow and display interlinearised texts, and annodex, a project to display multiple streams of visual, audio and textual data, both of which look great. I’ll also be talking about the FieldHelper tool I’ve been working on this year, a tool to add in the tagging of arbitrary metadata to field work data, amongst other things.
Our registration quota of 40 places is fast filling up. Please register now if you wish to come, also note that you can choose to come to the third day workshop if your interest in more in practical experience with current digital field work tools.


  1. Claire says:

    Any chance of podcasting or streaming the conference for us poor people stuck marking final exams on the other side of the world :)?

  2. Tom Honeyman says:

    As a matter of fact, yes! I literally got off the phone with APSR an hour ago, who are keen to podcast the series. We just have to work on releases.
    All the papers will be available on DSpace at Sydney Uni library, and SUPress, who are publishing a volume from these paper, will do print on demand.

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