Sustainable data from digital fieldwork: “from creation to archive and back”

Many academic disciplines depend on analysis of primary data captured during fieldwork. Increasingly, researchers today are using digital methods for the whole life cycle of their primary data, from capture to organisation, submission to a repository or archive, and later access and dissemination in publications, teaching resources and conference presentations. This conference and workshop will showcase a number of projects that have been developing innovative and sustainable ways of managing such data.

The conference will be in three parts:
– Academic papers on the theme “Fieldwork: from creation to archive and back”;
– demonstrations of tools and platforms for submitting and disseminating digital ethnographic material, and
– a hands-on workshop to introduce researchers to relevant recommended tools.
Workshop Program:
Monday 4 December 2006
Academic papers “Fieldwork: from creation to archive and back”
Tuesday 5 December 2006
Demonstrators and panel discussion “Sustainability of fieldwork data”
Wednesday 6 December 2006
Hands-on session in computer lab:
– multimedia fieldwork data management (FieldHelper)
– media annotation (ELAN, Transcriber)
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Papers of 3,000 words are invited for peer review and on-demand publication. The deadline for papers is September 30 as we plan to make the papers available at the conference.
Topics could include, among others:
– fieldwork and the use of new technologies;
– standards for encoding ethnographic data;
– development of new research questions based on readily available online data;
– access and intellectual property issues;
– advocacy: problems with uptake of new technological tools, recalcitrance and how to address it;
– models for training new researchers;
– data curation, what do we want and how do we get it?
The conference site is here:

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  1. We have just extended the deadline for papers to 3 October – that gives everyone the long weekend to finish the paper.

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