Current fieldwork technology – over to an aunt!

Our sister blogger (perhaps ‘aunt’ since she’s been blogging much longer!) Claire Bowern has started to post sections of her draft manual on fieldwork on her blog. First off are some gripping posts on those inevitable initial questions: “What recording equipment should I get?” The answers change each year – but the categories Claire uses to classify equipment are relevant at any time: fidelity, unobtrusiveness, power type and demand, portability, durability, archivability of recordings, and expense of machine and medium. Check out her summary and earlier posts.

5 thoughts on “Current fieldwork technology – over to an aunt!”

  1. My skin(=subsection name) is Nangali – if you can do the translation from Warumungu/Warlpiri/Arrernte skins to the Arnhem Land system, that’s great! I’ve never mastered it….

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