More Pacific Manuscripts now available in PARADISEC

Following on from a previous post in July this year – here – we are happy to announce that several more linguistic records from the Pacific Manuscripts Bureau (Pambu) microfilm collection are now available via PARADISEC’s repository.

This is the second batch of records to be made available this year by Pambu and PARADISEC; allowing community members, linguists and other researchers interested in this field free and open access to these fantastic documents.

Screenshot from PAMBU-DOC1042 'Articles, letters and miscellaneous papers' Rev. Lorimer Fison

Screenshot from PAMBU-DOC1042 ‘Articles, letters and miscellaneous papers’
Rev. Lorimer Fison. Courtesy of the Pacific Manuscripts Bureau.

Some of the records in this second upload include (but are not limited to!):

  • Title: Wallis Island papers

          Date(s): 1900-1960   Dr Georges J.L. Renaud

  • Title: Tongoan dictionary and notes on other Vanuatu languages (central Islands)

         Date(s): 1941   Rev. Dr J. Graham Miller

  • Title: Papuan notes and Trobriand Islands linguistic material

         Date(s): 1930-1980   Father Bernard Baldwin

  • Title: Patrol reports, New Britain, 1926-1931

         Date(s): 7 August 1926 – 24 December 1931    Ian McCallum Mack

  • Title: Articles, letters and miscellaneous papers

         Date(s): 1873 – 1907     Rev. Lorimer Fison 

  • Title: Papers regarding Pacific linguisitics

         Date(s): 1897-1938 {Bulk: 1913-38}    Otto Dempwolff

  • Title: Registers of baptisms

         Date(s): 1886-1973    Queensland Kanaka Mission

  • Title: Papers on Bougainville, New Britain, Sepik and Solomon Islands languages

          Date(s): 1908-1916     Richard C. Thurnwald  

  • Title: Letter books

          Date(s): 1896-1905     Rev. T. Watt Leggatt


The PAMBU collection available in the PARADISEC catalog now totals 250 microfilms.

Thank you to Kylie Maloney at PAMBU for her assistance in making this happen for a second time.

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