Pacific Manuscripts now in PARADISEC

After some discussion between PARADISEC and the Pacific Manuscripts Bureau (PAMBU) we now have access to linguistic records in the PAMBU microfilm collection, either for tagging in the PARADISEC catalog, or as digital versions of the microfilm in the PARADISEC collection.
Kylie Maloney at PAMBU kindly made available a list of items in PAMBU that have linguistic content (about 70 items). I sent this list to linguists interested in this field and got a priority list from them. PAMBU then entered into negotiations with their depositors to allow the microfilms to be digitised and produced as pdf files for distribution via PARADISEC’s repository.

Some typical collections are:

Title: A Rarotongan—English dictionary
Date(s): Compiled 1918 (Creation) Rev. George Herbert Eastman

Title: Solomon Islands languages collection: manuscripts and old prints collected in Malaita by Fr Donatien Coicaud SM and Fr Chris Kamphuis SM. Date(s): 1918-1996 (Creation) Fr. Jan Snijders SM

Title: Papuan-French Dictionaries and Grammar
Date(s):c.1933-1937 (Creation) Roman Catholic Mission, Papua: Diocese of Bereina

Title: Niue vocabulary
Date(s): Compiled before 1907 (Creation) Rev. Francis Edwin Lawes

Title: Linguistic material and correspondence on local customs
Date(s): 1880-1894 (Creation) Rev. Lorimer Fison

Title: Papers on Bougainville, New Britain, Sepik and Solomon Islands languages
Date(s): 1908-1916 (Creation) Richard C. Thurnwald

Title: Papers regarding Pacific linguistics
Date(s): 1897-1938 {Bulk: 1913-38} (Creation) Otto Dempwolff

As a result of this survey, the following items have so far been accessioned into the PARADISEC collection:
Biga Boyowa – A notional study of the Trobriand Islands language
Dictionnaire de Mekeo
Vocabulary of Kwara’ae, Solomon Islands 
Records of the Melanesian Mission, New Hebrides, 1857-1968
Tok pisin publications (collected by Andras Balint)
Dictionary and grammar of the Duke of York Island Language
Vocabulary of Bohilai 

And more will follow!

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