Hurry! Job as linguist in Barkly and Alice regions of Northern Territory – deadline extended to Monday 16 June

Short-term job – forwarded by Susan Moore – for more information contact her; tel: (08) 89511662 e:

Northern Territory Department of Education
Job Title: Senior Language Resource Officer
Designation: Senior Professional 1
Work Unit: School Education South
Position Number: 19164
Responsible To: Manager Learning and Performance

Primary Objective
Support the delivery of vernacular and English language programs in the context of Indigenous Languages and Cultures Programs and Indigenous education as appropriate to the region.

Context Statement
This position works within the remote schools directorate. The work environment is characterised by extensive team work where intercultural knowledge and skills are paramount.

Key Responsibilities
1. As a team member, advise and support schools with the implementation of NT Government policy and practice in the areas of Indigenous Languages and Culture Programs and Indigenous education.
2. Collaborate with school-based teams to develop and archive curriculum and resources appropriate to the local language situation and with relevant Department of Education (DoE) staff and community members to carry out appropriate research to facilitate curriculum language outcomes.
3. Initiate and participate in the provision of professional development for Indigenous and non-Indigenous staff and Indigenous community members involved in language education.
4. Provide linguistic advice to DoE personnel and to other agencies such as BIITE and the Catholic Education Office, to support the achievement of English and vernacular literacy and language outcomes.

Selection Criteria
1. A higher degree with major studies in Linguistics.
2. Proven ability to carry out linguistic research and linguistic fieldwork.
3. Experience in the use of computers for advanced word processing and linguistics databases.
4. Knowledge of the contemporary linguistic situations in Indigenous Australia.
5. Ability to communicate and work effectively in a cross-cultural context with educators, professionals and para-professionals in other disciplines and indigenous co-workers.

1. Proven experience in working with school-based language programs.
2. Ability to speak an Indigenous language.

Further Information
1. This position involves extensive travel, mainly on unsealed roads in 4WD vehicles, and overnight stays in remote communities. A current NT drivers licence and 4WD training is required.
2. Visit
3. Contact Jacqui Boylan, A/Manager Learning and Performance, on 08 8951 1650.

Apply Online:
Vacancy Closes: Tuesday the 10th of June 2014 deadline extended to Monday 16 June

Stewart Moyses A/Executive Director Schools South June 2014


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