Upcoming events

The following events may be of interest to readers:

1. Workshop on Language Ethics as a Field of Inquiry 11-12 November 2011, Montreal, Canada

This workshop will bring together leading experts in politics, philosophy, linguistics, history and economics, in order to explore language ethics in a strong transdisciplinary environment. Papers that may be of particular interest are:

  • Luisa Maffi (Terralingua): Earth of Languages, Languages of the Earth: Towards a Biocultural Ethics for the World’s Languages
  • Alan Patten (Political Science, Princeton): Language Preservation, Fairness and Language Rights
  • Suzanne Romaine (English, Oxford): Towards Sustainable and Equitable Human Development: Why Language Matters
  • Daniel Weinstock (Philosophy, Montreal): Is Language Death Necessarily Unjust? Three Arguments
  • David Robichaud (Philosophy, Ottawa): Language Rights and the Costs of Language Diversity

2. Digital Humanities 2012 16-22 July 2012, Hamburg, Germany

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations International Program Committee invites submissions of abstracts of between 750 and 1500 words on any aspect of digital humanities, from information technology to problems in humanities research and teaching by 1 November 2011. It welcomes submissions particularly relating to interdisciplinary work and on new developments in the field, and encourages submissions relating in some way to the theme of the 2012 conference, which is ‘Digital Diversity: Cultures, languages and methods’. The conference web site has some information and more will be added over the next few weeks.

Note particularly that the conference organises say:

“we particularly invite proposals on the potential and impact of digital methods and models in fostering multilingualism and multiculturalism, and on the challenges and potential presented to DH in terms of linguistic and cultural diversity. Proposals regarding endangered, lesser-known or minority languages and cultures are especially welcome”

All proposals must be submitted electronically using the online submission form found at the conference web site, starting from 1st October 2011.

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