Podcasts on SOAS radio

Several podcasts about endangered languages are now available from the student-run online radio station SOAS Radio.

They include:

  1. An interview with Gabriela Perez Baez, curator of Linguistics at the Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC. Gabriela talks in depth about her experience of researching endangered Zapotecan languages in Mexican and US immigrant communities. Her research deals in particular with patterns of language shift in communities living in Mexico and the US.
  2. An interview with me by Armando Conte who hosts the Africa Beat programme. We discuss factors which contribute to language endangerment and actions which have been taken to preserve languages in crisis. I also give an outline of the objectives of the Endangered Languages project at SOAS, and discuss why Esperanto has not been as successful as some people had hoped.
  3. A presentation by Samantha Goodchild and Nicholas Stallman about the MA student project on London’s Language Landscape.

There are also podcasts about endangered languages from 2010 and 2009. Listen and enjoy!

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