Workshop on applied language documentation

The Endangered Languages Academic Programme (ELAP) at SOAS is organising a workshop on Applied Language Documentation in sub-Saharan Africa on Saturday 14th May 2011. The workshop will discuss how the central themes of language documentation relate to improving site-specific applied language documentation, including:

  • how corpus design might help/hinder local dissemination of language documentation outcomes;
  • how new technology and media can be employed in applied language documentation to overcome prevailing problems with dissemination in community settings;
  • ways in which site-specific community participation in language documentation can lead to more effective application of language documentation goals;
  • how multi-disciplinary approaches to language documentation might provide lasting impact in African language support and maintenance.

Keynote speakers are Jeff Good, University of Buffalo, and Guy De Pauw, University of Antwerp & African Language Technology. A detailed programme for the workshop is now online.

Registration for the workshop is now open through the SOAS Online Store and will close by Thursday 12 May 2011. Spaces are strictly limited so register early to avoid disappointment. Note that there are 15 students bursaries available which cover the registration fee for students who wish to attend the workshop. For more details see the workshop website.

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