Workshop: Using Digital Audio for Research

Pacific and Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures / Sydney Humanities and Social Sciences e-Research Initiative Workshop
Presenters: Dr Linda Barwick, Director, PARADISEC and Frank Davey, Audio Preservation Officer, PARADISEC.
A free workshop covering: the range of research applications for recording and analysis of digital audiovisual media; questions of sustainability and archiving of audiovisual data; tools and resources for archiving, analysis and presentation of digital audio; the role of recordings in humanities disciplines; and using audio recordings in presentations and teaching. Includes hands-on sessions using Audacity sound editing software and Transcriber speech annotation software.

When: Friday 28 July, 10am 4.30pm
Where: Computer Room 109, META Centre, Brennan MacCallum A18, The University of Sydney
Further information and bookings: Vi King Lim or phone (02) 9036 9557.
More detailed information and schedule available here