Preferred deposit formats for PARADISEC

PARADISEC has so far focussed on digitising audio tapes, but we intend to build up a repository of digital objects including all the textual material that is currently being produced for theses, dictionaries, grammars, articles and so on.

We are able to digitise audio tapes (reel to reel and cassette). We can arrange for analog movie formats to be digitised.

For existing digital material these are the formats for deposit:
Text: txt, xml, pdf, rtf (we can undertake to convert from MS Word to these formats if necessary)
Audio: DAT, .WAV (as close to the archival standard of 24bit, 96kHz as possible). (At present we are not able to ingest 16bit 32khz (LP mode) but depositors should contact us to discuss these options. We have the capacity to ingest minidisc and can assist in archiving minidisc files.)
Images: TIF/ TIFF
Video: mxf, mov, DV native format can be accessioned

Files created in Elan are in an xml format and the .eaf file can be deposited as it is, ideally with the  same name of the media file it is a transcript of.
Fieldworks files need to be exported to xml (one for the lexicon and one for the text) and we can also accept the ‘.fwbackup’ file created by Fieldworks.